Blessed Joseph Boissel – Saint of the Day -July 5

Blessed Joseph Boissel Biography

Blessed Joseph Boissel was born on 20th December 1909 in Brittany, France, outside the town of Loroux. He went to Laos in 1938. In March 1945, the Japanese hit Laos. On June 1, Joseph Boissel was arrested with his accomplice Father Vincent Le Calvez, and the Apostolic Prefect, Mons. Jean Mazoyer, OMI.

All of the three were taken to Vinh, Vietnam where they were held among unpleasant people. Back in Laos in 1946. Joseph again found his Tran Ninh and connected with the Hmong.

On Saturday, 5 July 1969 he went to Hat I-Êt, a town of Kmhmu’ exiled people about 20 kilometres from Paksane, going up along the River Nam San. Considering the prevailing lack of security, he was unfit to go there that year for administration. The catechist, André Van, was there and he needed to understand that he was held in captivity.

Blessed Joseph Boissel
Blessed Joseph Boissel

Setting out around four toward the night, he took two energetic Laotian Oblate Missionaries with him as it was expected. They were to help him with the visits, the consideration of those wiped out, and the religious organization.

Blessed Joseph Boissel Death

His death has been narrated by one of the two travellers who survived. He quoted “A couple of kilometres before arriving at the town, at a bend in the road, I heard a burst of gunfire went for us. The tires smothered and I was hit in the hand. I saw a notice moving in the woodlands flanking our course. A minute burst of gunfire and Thérèse was hit in the head; since I am more diminutive, the shots did not hit me. The ending began from the left, on the driver’s side.

Father Boissel was hit in the head – near the mouth and in the skull. The jeep went into a discard, changed over on us and burst into blazes. Father’s glasses were broken and left His tremendous eyes were open. Every one of the three was completely Smeared with blood.”


He was canonized by the Pre-congregation.


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