Darren Naugles Bio, Age, Education, Marriage, Cheating, Kids, Gay Affair, Career & Net Worth.

Darren Naugles
Darren Naugles

Darren Naugles Biography

Darren Naugles is an American doctor who gained fame as a recurring cast member alongside his wife Lisa Nicole Cloud on the Bravo series ”Married To Medicine.”

”Married to Medicine” is an American reality television series that chronicles the lives of 7 women in the Atlanta medical community with four of the women being doctors’ wives, whereas the others are doctors themselves.

Darren Birthday | Age

He was born in the United States, on a Friday, July 20, 1973. He is currently 46 years old.

Dr. Darren Naugles has an African American ethnicity.

Naugles Education

In 1999, he received his medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine.

In the present day. Dr. Darren is one of the 51 doctors at Northside Hospital-Cherokee who specialize in ”Emergency Medicine,” the medical specialty concerned with the care of injuries or illnesses that need immediate medical attention.

Darren Marriage | Cheating

He is married to Lisa Nicole Cloud.

In addition, Dr. Darren has admitted on the Bravo series ”Married to Medicine” to cheating on Lisa over the years with women.

Apparently, his wife is not about that life though. Recently, some audio suggests that when Lisa Nicole Cloud discovered that her husband was “entertaining” another woman, she left a voice message:

“You’re married with kids. Darren Naugles. Tell her right now. And tell the btch you’re not going to call her anymore. Tell the stupid a$$, slutty btch, you’re not going to call her again, Tell her. Tell the slut, Tell her.”

Naugles Kids

The couple has two children, D.J. and Amira Faith.

Darren Naugles & Family
Darren Naugles & Family

Darren Gay Affair

Atlanta male Damen Wayne claims that Dr. Naugles is allegedly cheating on Lisa Nicole Cloud with him.

”I met Darren the night of the season 2 [Married to Medicine] premiere party in April 2014,” said Damen Wayne. He continued: I met him very briefly at the bar and we shared causal conversation.”

Damen also stated that – ”He called me the next day on a private cellphone number. Then a day after that, we met up at a hotel in the Sandy Springs area and hooked up. The 3rd time we hooked up he came to my condo and things started getting a little more serious.”

Damen Wayne further claimed that Dr. Naugles gave him money and paid his car loan, rent, and groceries for around 30 days.

Moreover, Damen Wayne said that when Dr. Naugles was at his place, he would complain about his wife, telling him that she always accused him of doing wrong, emasculated him, and signed them up to do the reality show without his consent.

”One time I asked him about his marriage and if he was going to leave his wife, he blew up on me.” Apparently, this was the reason the two stopped seeing each other.

Darren Naugles Career

Apparently, there is nothing much concerning his career but all that is known is, he is an emergency doctor by profession.

Darren Naugles Net Worth

His salary as an emergency medicine physician was not released to the public, but the national average salary for an emergency physician is around $107,000 in the US.

Additionally, Lisa Nicole Cloud and her husband Dr. Darren Naugles have an estimated net worth of $8.5 million.

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