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Kaisa Keranen
Kaisa Keranen

Kaisa Keranen Biography

Kaisa Keranen, who is also known on the internet as ‘KaisaFit’, is an American fitness educator, personal trainer and social media influencer. Identifying herself as a ‘Movement Coach’, she attempts to find out fun and innovative ways to get people moving.

She is the owner of ‘KaisaFit’ platform through which she trains her clients and offers them professional guidance. ‘Greatist’ named her one of the most influential people in health and fitness in 2015.

The same year, she was invited by US First Lady Michelle Obama to be one of the go-to trainers for the ‘Let’s Move’ digital campaign. In October 2017, she was featured as one of the ‘Fit-Fluencers’ on the ‘Men’s Health’ magazine. She featured on the cover of the February 2018 issue of the ‘Strong Fitness Magazine’ as the first woman ever.

Other prestigious magazines that have featured her include ‘Vogue’, ‘SELF’, ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, ‘Runner’s World’, ‘Oxygen’ and ‘ESPNW’. The Fitbit brand had selected her to be a local ambassador for Seattle.

She is scheduled to hold her KaisaFit Signature bodyweight class on June 29, 2018, at the IDEA World Convention, during which attending fans can join her workout session.

Kaisa Keranen Birthday | Age

Keranen was born on January 29, 1986, in Seattle, Washington. She’s 33 as of 2019.

Kaisa Keranen Family

Not much is known concerning her family, however, she mentions her parents a lot when it comes to her inspiration towards her career.

Kaisa Keranen Education

After completing school, she enrolled at the University of Washington in 2004. Representing the college team, she did the heptathlon, which combines seven track and field events over two days in a meet. She completed her graduation in 2008 and later obtained an M.S. degree in Exercise Science, Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. She credits her mother for being her inspiration.

Kaisa Keranen Interests & Hobbies

As a very active child, she was encouraged by her parents to participate in various sports like gymnastics, swimming, ballet, soccer, and sprinting. Thanks to her athletic frame, she was one of the most naturally gifted sportswomen among her peers in high school.

Kaisa Keranen
Kaisa Keranen

Kaisa Keranen Career Rise | Stardom

Encouraged by her parents, Kaisa Keranen took part in various sports since she was very young. She was an athletic student in school and represented the track and field team at the University of Washington.

After completing her college studies in 2008, she went through a rough patch during which she felt “worn down and injured”, which prompted her to learn more about her body.

Earning a professional trainer certification from NASM, she began running boot camps and enrolled in an internship as a fitness coach at the local gym Zum Fitness. She found satisfaction in seeing people gain confidence with their body movement and soon fell in love with her new job, which became her new passion.

She often exercised together with her college friend and track teammate Jennifer Forrester, and on May 1st, 2014, teamed up with her to launch a joint Instagram account named ‘Two BAD (Beautiful Athletic Duo) Bodies’, taking the name from a common friend’s joke.

The duo regularly shared videos of their joint, often synchronized, workout sessions, and immediately became a sensation on social media and all over the internet, with several leading news outlets covering their story.

After about a year, in August 2015, the two decided to pursue their separate individual careers. Kaisa, who began sharing her journey on her own Instagram account, gathered a sizeable fan following by the end of the year.

Thanks to her social media fame and her reputation as a professional trainer, she soon began appearing on news articles and magazines. She currently boasts of over 680k followers on her Instagram account.

Keranen Starting Her Own Business

Kaisa Keranen, who now enjoys training people and inspiring them to make their own fitness goals and achieve them, left Zum Fitness after serving there for several years and has launched her own personal brand, ‘KaisaFit’, through which she guides aspiring fitness enthusiasts.

While working at Zum, she became interested in training athletes, and later went back to school to earn her masters’ degree in Exercise Science: Sports Performance and Injury Prevention.

She also interned at her college to test her skills hands-on to see how much she enjoyed her new role. However, she began to miss her interactions with her clients and see their excitement at improving their body movement. As such, she returned to her own business after five months of internship and began her ‘movement coaching’ with renewed interest.

She has continued to inspire a huge number of young followers with her motto that being healthy is not to achieve a certain look, but to feel healthy internally.

Interestingly, she doesn’t believe in following a diet or counting calories; rather, she makes sure to keep her food simple and clean. She also feels that having a different meal routine based on the type of workout she has planned is too complicated. She simply teaches her clients to “move daily, eat healthy”.

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