Lindsay Fox Biography, Age, Family, Interests, Pet And Social Media Presence.

Lindsay Fox
Lindsay Fox

Lindsay Fox Biography

Lindsay Fox is an Instagram and YouTube star. She is the older sister of professional stunt scooter rider, Tanner Fox. Tanner too has a strong social media presence and has appeared in some of his sister’s YouTube videos. Apart from YouTube Lindsay is active on other platforms, including Instagram.

Currently, her YouTube channel has more than 362K subscribers, while her Instagram page has over 344.7K followers. Lindsay also maintains an online store that sells clothing and merchandise.

Lindsay Birthday | Age

Fox was born on March 30, 1998, in the United States of America. She is 21 as of 2019.

Fox Family

She grew up in San Diego, California, along with her brother, Tanner Fox. Lindsay started hogging the limelight on social media for being the sister of Tanner Fox.

Since Tanner was already famous for his scooter stunts, it was not long before the virtual world started recognizing Lindsay as Tanner’s sister. This encouraged Lindsay to come up with a YouTube channel of her own.

Lindsay Pet & Interests(Fitness)

Lindsay Fox is close to her brother Tanner Fox. He often appears in her social media posts. She is also close to her mother, Ronda Fox, whose Instagram page has more than 80K followers. Lindsay likes spending time with her pet dog, Kirby, which appears frequently on Ronda Fox’s Instagram page.

Apart from making YouTube videos, Lindsay spends a lot of her time at the gym. An apparent fitness freak, Lindsay has a toned physique, which she flaunts obsessively on social media.

Lindsay Fox
Lindsay Fox

Lindsay Fox Social Media Presence | Media Involvement

Fox created her self-titled YouTube channel on September 10, 2013. Some of her initial videos, such as ‘Exposing my Brother’ and ‘Sibling Tag with Tanner Fox’ featured her brother. She then started posting a variety of videos, including hauls, challenges, makeup tutorials, and reviews.

Some of her most viewed videos are ‘Never Have I Ever Challenge Feat. Brother,’ ‘Balloon Challenge with Taylor Alesia,’ ‘Sister & Mom Reacting To “We Do It Best” Official Music Video,’ and ‘Don’t Play with Giant Water Balloons.’

While most of her videos have gathered thousands of views, some of them have even crossed the one million mark. Currently, her channel has more than 15 million views from all its videos.

With more than 344.7K followers, Fox is also an Instagram star, the popular photo and video sharing platform. Her Instagram page is packed with jaw-dropping pictures that depict her lifestyle.

Lindsay is also active on other social media platforms, such as Twitter, where she has more than 5,700 followers. Lindsay used the popularity acquired through social media to launch an online store. The store, which is co-owned by her brother Tanner, sells a variety of merchandise.

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Lindsay Fox Twitter

Lindsay Fox Instagram

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