Saint Romulus of Fiesole – July 6 – Saint of the Day

Saint Romulus of Fiesole Biography

Saint Romulus of Fiesole was born in San Romolo, Italy in the First Century. he is recognised as the patron Saint of Fiesole, Italy. Romulus was most likely a neighbourhood elder, minister, or religious administrator of the first century.

As indicated by convention, he was a pupil of Saint Peter who had changed him over to Christianity. This convention expresses that Romulus became the primary Bishop of Fiesole and was martyred during the rule of Domitian alongside four associates: Carissimus, Dulcissimus, Marchisianus, and Crescentius.

He was not a cleric or saint in archives dating from 966 AD. A record from 1028 AD names him all things considered. From that point on, he became a martyred priest of Fiesole. His associates were Carissimus, Dulcissimus, Marchisianus (Marchiziano), and Crescentius. July 6 was their feast day record in the 1468 Florentine release of the Martyrology of Usuard. In the sixteenth century, Romulus showed up in the Roman Martyrology. He was named as a follower of Saint Peter.

As Antonio Borrelli comments, at some point between the end of the tenth century and the start of the eleventh, Romulus was “redesigned” from being viewed as a Confessor of the Faith to a saint. This is perhaps by a neighbourhood abbot named Teuzo.

Saint Romulus of Fiesole Birth

An eleventh-century legend related with him, considered “useless”, makes him an ill-conceived child of a lady named Lucerna, who had a youngster with her dad’s slave, Cyrus. Like the Romulus of old Roman legend, this Romulus was additionally surrendered and suckled by a she-wolf. He was caught, absolved and raised by Saint Peter and Peter’s partner Justin. Romulus at that point evangelized a lot at focal Italy and was killed by the senator Repertian.

Canonization and Patronage

St. Romulus was canonized by the Pre- Congregation. He is the patron saint of Fiesole, Italy.


The 1440 AD polyptych in Fiesole is the eldest picture representing Romulus Cathedral. This is where he is constituted with Saints Alexander, Peter and Donatus.

St. Romulus of Fiesole
St. Romulus of Fiesole

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