Saint Thomas the Apostle – Saint of the Day – July 3

Saint Thomas the Apostle Biography

Saint Thomas the Apostle was among the first Apostles of Jesus. He was also known as the Doubting Thomas or Judas Thomas, the Twin and even Tomaso as others could call him. Thomas was ready to die with Jesus when He went to Jerusalem. However, he is best remembered for doubting the Resurrection of Jesus until the moment he was allowed to touch His wounds.

Evangelized in Parthia, India, Persia. However, he was so reluctant that he did not want to start his mission. He was enslaved by a passing merchant who was heading to the areas he later destined to preach. He lastly dedicated himself to God, was freed and established a new church in the area. Thomas founded many parishes and built several churches along his way. It is said that Thomas baptized the wise men to Christianity.

Saint Thomas the Apostle
Saint Thomas the Apostle

Saint Thomas the Apostle symbol

Saint Thomas’ symbol is the Builder’s square. He did the following to earn him the symbolism;

  • He fabricated a royal residence for King Guduphara in India
  • Fabricated the main church in India with his own hands. It is a representation of a solid otherworldly establishment as he had total confidence in Christ. (However at first less in the Resurrection)
  • He offered to manufacture a royal residence for an Indian ruler that would keep going forever. The Lord gave him cash, which Thomas expeditiously offered away to poor people. He clarified that the castle he was building was in paradise, not on earth.

Saint Thomas the Apostle Death

Thomas had a knife stab in 72 AD. He was on a prayer mission in Mylapur, India. His burial was near the site of his death and his relics transferred to Edessa in Mesopotamia. The relics were later taken to Tortona, Italy in the 13th Century where they are up to date.

Saint Thomas the Apostle Canonisation

Canonized by the Pre-Congregation.


  • July 3
  • December 21


  • against blindness
  • against doubt
  • architects
  • blind people
  • builders
  • construction workers
  • geometricians
  • masons
  • people in doubt
  • stone masons
  • stonecutters
  • surveyors
  • theologians
  • Ceylon
  • East Indies
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bathery, India, diocese of
  • Castelfranco di Sopra, Italy
  • Certaldo, Italy
  • Ortona, Italy

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