Bissil Town Kenya

A guide to Bissil Town Kenya

Bissil town is a town situated in Kajiado County, Kenya. It has an estimated population of 5376 people. The town is located approximately 30 kilometers from Kajiado town.

Economic Activities in Bisil Town

Of late, there has been a lot of investments in this town. This ranges from big supermarkets, banks, and other big companies. Such entrances are indications of the robust growth of the town.

The locals in this town also keep cattle as part of their culture as most of them are from the Maasai community. They also earn a living by selling cattle products. However, this town is not only home for the Maasai community but also other many tribes.

Places to Visit While in Bissel Town

Attractions facilities in Bissil

Bissil Hill Park
The Park has 1 picnic shelter with 6 tables (accommodation capacity: 75), 1 restroom, 1 playground, 2 unlighted softball fields, 2 unlighted tennis courts, and 1 football/soccer field.

Bissil Town Kenya- Photo

Bissel Town Kenya
Bissel Town Kenya