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Catherine Reitman
Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman Biography

Catherine Reitman is an American actress, movie writer, and Producer born in Los Angeles, California. She is famous for various works including the Workin’Moms, Black-ish, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Cate Reitman is the sole creator, writer, star, and the executive producer of the Workin’ Moms, a CBC comedy series.

Catherine’s film writing and producing credits include CBC’s Workin’ Moms, VH’s Miss You Much, and the web series Breakin’ It Down with Cate Reitman. This film received five Canadian screen award nominations in 2017 including; Best Actress, Best Series, Best Comedy.

She also featured as a guest speaker at the BANFF World Media Festival including the re-energizing of Canadian Comedy panel in June 2017.

Catherine Reitman Age

Cate Reitman is 39 years old as of 2020. She was born on  April 28, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

Catherine Reitman Husband|Wedding|Proposal

Catherine is wedded to Philip Sternberg, a fellow producer and co-star on Working Mom since the year 2009. Surprisingly, he acts as Catherines’s fictional spouse in the film.

It is surprising how fast the two got along. As from a source, the two met as she was walking from an audition. She claims that she was dressed ridiculously in shorts and two braids. In the first instance, the two never exchanged contacts but only gazed at each other.

After some months of courtship, Philip planned a well-dressed surprise for his loved one. As they were driving downhill to San Diego from Los Angeles, Cate was terribly hungry and was all way begging for a stop overbite. However, Phil did not stop as he had something planned. After some time, he suddenly stopped and pulled out some cheese and cured meats.

This was absolutely Cate’s favorite meal. As she ate, Phil was nervous. He later requested for a walk along a fenced cliff. As things turned out, he pointed at a nearby beach where he had written “Will You Marry Me?” in painted white seashells and long-stemmed roses. He went to his knees and received her as she broke into teras.

Catherine Reitman Family

Catherine was born to a Jewish father, Ivan Reitman and Geneviève Robert, mother. Her mother, Geneviève is a French-Canadian actress who later converted from Jewish to Judaism. However, her father, Ivan is a Jewish film director born in Canada. Cate has two siblings; her sister Caroline Reitman and a brother, director Jason Reitman.

Catherine Reitman Children

Catherine and Philip have two children together; Jackson Sternberg who is currently 6 years old and Liam Sternberg, 3 years old.

Catherine Reitman Career

Reitman started her career in the year 2001 as a film critic after launching Breakin’ It Down with Catherine Reitman. This is a film review website show on YouTube which unfortunately ended in July 2013. Cate occasionally substituted Kevin Smith as a guest co-host with Ralph Garman on Hollywood Babble-on.

Miss Reitman also featured in movies and TV shows. In 2016, they founded Wolf and Rabbit Entertainment ULC with her husband. The production made the half-hour, single-camera comedy Workin’ Moms for CBC.

Reitman Black-ish

She featured in Black-ish taking the role of Lucy in the episode “Lemons” produced in 2016. In this film, Junoir is asked to read Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, I Have a Dream at school. Additionally, Dre struggles with work tensions. She particularly doesn’t spare Lucy who reveals voting for Trump claiming she ain’t a racist since she has black friends.

Catherine Reitman Botched Surgery

Cate had lip fillers but unfortunately, a roque surgeon allowed his nurse with Silicone which made her lips unable to close. After several years, her lips kept swelling and even more painful to close. Eventually, she developed granulomas a defect which was fixed by Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

Cate Reitman Net Worth

She has an estimated Net Worth of 1.3 million dollars.


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