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Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

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Christopher Wallace is an American news anchor for the Fox News Sunday Fox News show. He is known for his tough and wide-ranging interviews.

Wallace is famous for his tough and wide-ranging interviews, for which his father, 60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace, is often compared to him. During the 1964 Republican National Convention, as a youth, Wallace became an assistant to Walter Cronkite.

Chris Wallace Age

He is 73 years old as of 2020. Chris was born on 12 October 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He celebrates his birthday on every 12th October 

Chris Wallace Family

He is the son of Mike Wallace, a retired CBS 60 Minutes reporter, and Norma Kaphan. His brother Peter Wallace was born in 1943 and died in 1962 in an accident while climbing a mountain in Greece. He was called Christopher since he was born on Columbus Day. When he was one year old, his parents divorced; he grew up with his mother and stepfather, Bill Leonard, the president of CBS News.  Leonard gave him early political journalism exposure, hiring him at the 1964 Republican National Convention as an assistant to Walter Cronkite.

Chris Wallace Father

Wallace did not establish a relationship with his father Mike Wallace until the age of 14 has said that his stepfather, Bill Leonard, had a much greater influence on his life, despite his blood relationship with his father, Mike. Wallace said that “the single most important person in my life” was Leonard.

Chris Wallace Wife

Wallace has been married twice. He got married Elizabeth Farrell in 1973, with whom he has four children. In 1997, he married Lorraine Smothers, the former wife of Dick Smothers.

Chris Wallace Children

He has four children from his first marriage; Peter Farrell Wallace, Megan Wallace, Andrew Wallace, and Catherine Wallace. He has Lorraine has two stepchildren from his second wife’s previous marriage: Sarah Smothers and Remick Smothers. He has six grandchildren; William, Caroline, James, Sabine, Livia, and Jack.

Chris Wallace Height

Wallace stands tall at a height of ‎5ft 10in (178 cm).

Chris Wallace Education

Wallace enrolled in Harvard College and Hotchkiss Prep. Initially, he was covering on-air news for WHRB, Harvard’s student radio station. He reported the 1969 student occupation of University Hall, memorably. However, he was arrested by Cambridge police using his one phone call to sign a paper with “This is Chris Wallace in custody” from Cambridge City Jail.

He was admitted to Yale Law School, Wallace took a job with The Boston Globe instead. He said that he decided he needed to move to TV after he became aware that all the reporters at the 1972 political conventions were covering the proceedings on TV instead of in person.  For some time in the early 1970s, he worked for the Chicago station WBBM-TV, which was owned and run by CBS.

Chris Wallace Jewish

Chris Wallace was born in Chicago, Illinois, and is the son of Mike Wallace and Norma Kaphan, a former reporter for CBS 60 Minutes. He’s a Jew, and his parents were both Jewish.

Chris Wallace Fox News

In 2003, Wallace left ABC to join Fox News. After succeeding Tony Snow, he started hosting Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace in 2003 and has been an occasional guest on the Howie Carr Show on Boston’s WRKO Fox News Sunday since 1996, a Sunday morning news/talk show on the Fox Broadcasting Business. It is the only syndicated news program on the Fox television network, mostly on a regular basis.

Wallace Political PartyWallace said that in the past his work at Fox opened his eyes to what he cited in the mainstream press as bias, he also mentioned that if it were not for this kind of stuff going on in the corporate media, Fox News would not exist. That’s why people are fed up with that, because they get it and have gotten it for years, the so-called prejudice in the impartial press, needing the antidote to it.

The Washington Post announced on October 11, 2006, that Wallace had been a registered Democrat for more than two decades. Wallace characterized his party affiliation as pragmatism, stating that becoming a Democrat in heavily Democratic Washington, DC, is the only viable way to engage in the political process. He maintained that in the past he had voted for candidates from both major parties.

Chris Wallace NBC

In 1975, Wallace began his network news career with NBC, where he remained for 14 years, as a reporter in New York City with WNBC-TV. As a political reporter for NBC News, Wallace then moved to NBC’s Washington office and later worked as Washington co-anchor and newsreader for the Today show with Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley in 1982. He also served as chief White House reporter the same year (1982-1989), anchor of NBC Nightly News’ Sunday version (1982-1984, 1986-1987), and moderator of Meet the Press (1987-1988).

The style of Wallace was characterized by some journalists as confrontational. During the March 1987 news conference of President Ronald Reagan, when Reagan confessed to dealing weapons for hostages, Wallace asked Reagan why he had denied Israel’s involvement in selling arms to Iran “when you knew it was not true. ”

Chris Wallace Salary 

Fox News anchor news salary range from $42,335 to $148,566 per annum. However, these statistics can differ greatly depending on the employee’s level of seniority at issue. We don’t have Wallace’s exact salary and net worth at the moment but we will keep track and update once it’s available.

Chris Wallace Net Worth

Chris’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million dollars. Wallace being a successful journalist, surely earns a good amount of money. He might have other sources of income too. However, he has not given any information regarding his salary, net worth, and other earnings.

Chris Wallace Donald Trump

Wallace sat down for a wide-ranging interview outside the White House with President Donald Trump on July 19, 2020. Wallace received praise for keeping Trump responsible and real-time fact-checking him. In the midst of the continuing nationwide Black Lives Matter demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd, Wallace pressed Trump on his assertion that Joe Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, wanted the police to “defund and dismantle” by responding “No, sir, he doesn’t. ” In response to t. “And he has the Wallace DNA.” During the interview, many noted Trump’s awkwardness, including Meghan McCain, who said on The View,” It was the first time I ever saw President Trump squirm. ”

Chris Wallace Awards

  • A Peabody Award, three Emmy Awards, the Dupont-Columbia Silver Baton Award, and a lifetime accomplishment award for Paul White were won by Wallace.
  • Wallace received an Emmy Award nomination for News and Documentary for his work on the segment of Primetime Live: Hope Sells.
  • His interview won him an Outstanding Live Interview Emmy Award for News and Documentary. In the history of Fox News, it was the first News and Documentary Award.

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