Dynastyloveyou Bio, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth


Dynastyloveyou Biography

Dynastyloveyou is a famous Instagram star, known for her cute, amazing, and adorable videos, which she shares on her social platforms. However, she suffers from intellectual disability and a speech disorder despite her rise to stardom.

Her brother Papii__jj is also a renowned Instagram star who supports her immensely. From this encouragement, Dynastyloveyou began to show up in public.

As of today, the number of followers on her Instagram account is far over 738,000.

Just like any other social media star, Dynastyloveyou also has numerous haters who have body-shamed her on various occasions. They have even stretched to criticizing her brother for having kissed her on her lips. Dynastyloveyou has shared a couple of dance and makeup videos as well.

Dynastyloveyou Age

How old is Dynastyloveyou? The Instagram star is 25 years old as of 2022. She was born on February 22, 1997, in the United States. In addition, she celebrates her birthday on February 22nd every year.

Dynastyloveyou Family

Although she has not spoken about her parents, her brother Papii__jj is well known for being her number one supporter.

Dynastyloveyou Education

She has not mentioned her schooling experience or educational qualification in any of her videos. However, we will update you as soon as we get to know more about this field.

Dynatsyloveyou Height

She stands at an approximate height of 4 ft.

Dynastyloveyou Is A Star Despite Disorders

The reason behind Dynastyloveyou’s mental disorder is still a puzzle. However, many of her followers have tried asking her the reason behind her disorder, but her brother has avoided such questions in every instance.

Rumor has it that an accident could be the lead cause of Dynastyloveyou’s disorders.

Due to her disorder and speech impediment, Dynastyloveyou never socialized. She grew up locking herself up in a room and never wanted to go out. This spooked her brother as he thought her behavior could worsen her condition.

It was then when he came up with the idea of making her a social media personality. Since Papii__jj had already become famous on Instagram, he wanted her sister to experience the goodness of social media. The thought behind the idea was to boost his sister’s confidence.


Papii__jj started off by filming a few random videos of her, just to get her comfortable. He then created an Instagram account on her behalf where he started posting random videos without letting her know about it.

When the videos were liked by a number of followers and fans, Papii__jj showed his sister the love and support that she had received from a large group of unknown people. This made her happy and she too liked the idea of being in front of the camera.

She then asked her brother to film more such videos for her. In the course of time, Dynastyloveyou started flourishing on social media.

After posting random videos on her account, she later started posting makeup and dance videos too. She was then featured in the videos of other popular Instagrammers. The two have posted many videos on brother-sister relationship goals.


In many of their videos, Papii__jj is seen spoiling his sister by feeding her tacos, pizzas, etc. He always tries to make his sister do things on her own so that she can be more independent.

Thanks to her brother’s efforts, she can now eat by herself. Papii__jj also posted about his sister’s progress on his Instagram account. He mentioned that she is under constant therapy and has shown some improvement.

Dynastyloveyou has shared a couple of collaborative videos on her Instagram account.

The most popular among them is the one which she had posted along with the fellow Instagrammer, Victoria Waldrip, who is a famous model and meme artist. Being a makeup enthusiast, Victoria has helped her a lot by giving her numerous makeovers.


Dynastyloveyou is a diehard fan of Jack Avery, a member of the music group, ‘Why Don’t We’. She loves his soulful voice and adores his compositions as well as his skills while playing the piano and the guitar.

To her advantage, she had an opportunity to pose for a photograph along with him which she posted on her Instagram account.

A video of her that went viral for the wrong reason was the one in which featured her brother, Papii__jj kissing her on the lips. The title of the video insinuated that he was dating his sister! Many Instagram users commented negatively suggesting that the act was inappropriate given their relationship.

It went to an extent that many alleged that Dynastyloveyou is not his real sister and that he is just using her to enhance his popularity.


Also, many Instagrammers criticized some of Papii__jj’s photos in which he is seen holding his sister’s sanitary pads and tampons.

But Papii__jj defended his actions by stating that there was nothing wrong in those photos and that he did it to take care of his sister who knows nothing about menstruation. He further posted a video to clear the air and justify the video in which he had kissed his sister.

He said he wanted to make his sister feel happy and make her feel loved. Similarly, Dynasty posted a video in which she defended her brother.

Dynastyloveyou Net Worth

Dynasty has an estimated Net Worth of $5.6 million. Her wealth has accrued from her successful Instagram career.

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