Matt Bradley Bio, NBC, Age, Height, Wife, Salary, Net Worth

Matt Bradley (1)
Matt Bradley (1)

Matt Bradley Biography

Matt Bradley is an American Journalist/ news anchor working currently at NBC News in London, United Kingdom as a Foreign Correspondent for MSNBC and He also worked as a middle east correspondent at The Wall Street Journal in Baghdad, Iraq, and Beirut Lebanon.

Bradley graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language/ Literature, Economics, and French. He has been featured in The Chronicle newspaper, Theta Chi.

Matt was also a reporter in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a year and a month in 2008 and also a Foreign Correspondent in Cairo, Egypt. He also served as an Asia editor at The Christian Science Monitor. Before, he had served in Vietnam first as an editor of Viet Nam News and later as an Economic assistant in the state department of the US. He was introduced by Ali Velshi as part of the fight against ISIS segment, based in Syria where he started his live shot.

Matt Bradley Age

Bradley’s exact birth date age and month, and year are currently not documented in the public domain yet. Nevertheless, tabs on his actual details will come to avail. He prefers to keep her age details and information private and discreet.

Matt Bradley Height

Matt’s average body stature and measurements are not available to the social domains. Although he appears to have a quite tall height relative to his environment and photographs. Information about his actual height will come to avail after some reviews.

Matt Bradley’s Weight

Matt’s exact/ actual body mass and weight loss are not available to the public domain. Nevertheless, he appears to have a moderate weight relative to his photos and surroundings

Matt Bradley Wife

Information about his love and relationship life is not in the public domain. Nevertheless, tabs about Matt’s details are currently under review. His marital status will come to avail though he likes to keep details concerning his love life personal and discreet away from the public domain. Nothing is about his past relationship status, divorce, or if he is in any current engagement.

Matt Bradley Family

Matt Bradley parent’s identity and information are still unclear to the public domain yet. However, there is no information concerning his relatives, elder brothers, sisters, or in-laws. Therefore, he prefers to keep his personal family life private, discreet, and a low-key profile away from the public domain.

Matt Bradley Salary

Matt receives an annual salary averagely ranging from $76,407 to $93,348 US Dollars per year. However, Bradley’s exact details about his salary can change in the upcoming months or years. This is due to variations of figures according to the level of employee seniority.

Matt Bradley’s Net Worth

Bradley’s net worth is estimated to be roughly around $1 million US Dollars. Matt has accrued great fortune from his career as a successful journalist. Although, tabs on his net worth may vary substantially over the coming months and years.