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Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn Biography

Benny Hinn (born on December 3, 1952) is an Israel television gospel minister, speaker, and author. He is best known for his frequent “Miracle Crusades”, revival meetings, or faith healing summits that are held in stadiums in major cities. The crusades later broadcast worldwide on his television program, This Is Your Day.

Soon after the 1967 Arab–Israeli War, Hinn’s family moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he joined the Georges Vanier Secondary School. However, he did not graduate. In his books, Benny states that his father was the mayor of Jaffa at the time of his birth. This made him get socially isolated as a child and was handicapped by a severe stutter, but that he was nonetheless a first-class student.

As a teenager in Toronto, Hinn shifted from Greek Orthodoxy to Pentecostalism, joining a singing troupe made up of young evangelicals. According to a CBC report on Benny, his sprout religious devotion during this period became so deep that his family became concerned that he was becoming a religious fanatic. Benny was taught the Bible and mentored by Dr. Winston I. Nunes of Broadview Faith Temple in Toronto.


After migrating to the United States, Hinn traveled to Orlando, Florida, where he established the Orlando Christian Center in 1983. Eventually, he started claiming that God was using him as a vessel for healings. He then began holding healing services in his church.

These new “Miracle Crusades” were with no time held at large stadiums and auditoriums in the United States and the world at large. His first nationally televised service was held in Flint, Michigan, in 1989. During the early 1990s, Benny launched a new daily talk show called This Is Your Day, which to this day telecasts clips of supposed miracles from Hinn’s Miracle Crusades.

The program launched on the Trinity Broadcasting Network of Paul Crouch, who would become one of Hinn’s most outspoken defenders and allies. Hinn’s ministry began to rapidly grow since then, winning praise as well as criticism from fellow Christian leaders.

Benny Hinn Age

How old is Benny Hinn? Hinn is 70 years old as of 2022. He was born on December 3, 1952, in Jaffa (part of modern Tel Aviv), Israel. He was born to parents born in Palestine with Greek-Egyptian, Palestinian and Armenian-Lebanese heritage. Moreover, Hinn was raised within the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

In addition, he celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of December every year and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Benny Hinn Wife

Hinn hitched Suzanne Harthern on August 4, 1979. Since then, the couple has had four children: three daughters; Jessica Hinn, Hannah Hinn, Natasha Hinn, and a son, Josh Hinn. However, on February 1, 2010, Suzanne filed divorce papers in California’s Orange County Superior Court citing “irreconcilable differences.”

In July 2010, Benny and fellow televangelist Paula White denied allegations in the National Enquirer that they were engaged in an affair. He was sued in February 2011 by the Christian publishing house Strang Communications with the claims that a relationship with White did occur and that Hinn had violated the morality clause of his contract with the company.

In May 2012, Hinn announced that he and his wife had begun reconciliation during the Christmas eve of 2011. He further stated that the split had been caused by Suzanne’s addiction to prescription drugs and antidepressants. In addition, he cited his busy schedule and lack of time for his wife and children.

Benny and Suzanne's photo
Benny and Suzanne’s photo

Moreover, in October 2012, Benny announced that he and his former wife, Suzanne, would remarry. Benny and Suzanne remarried on 3 March 2013, at the Holy Land Experience theme park, in a traditional ceremony lasting over 2 hours. This ceremony was attended by approximately 1,000 well-wishers, including many visiting Christian leaders. Pastor Jack Hayford termed the remarriage as “…a miracle of God’s grace”.

Benny Hinn Church Location

In 1999, Benny stepped down as pastor of the Orlando Christian Center and moved his ministry’s administrative headquarters to Grapevine, Texas. He also hosts This Is Your Day from a television studio in Orange County, California, where he now lives with his family. Moreover, his former church was renamed Faith World Church under the stewardship of Clint Brown, who merged his Orlando church with Hinn’s.

Benny Hinn Net Worth

Hinn has an estimated net worth of $42 Million. His income is mainly attributed to his career as a gospel minister and author. In addition, he is ranked among the top ten richest pastors in the United States.

Benny Hinn Books

Benny has authored some of the best-selling books in this century. These include;

  • Good Morning, Holy Spirit
  • Welcome, Holy Spirit: How You Can Experience The Dynamic Work Of The Holy Spirit In Your Life.
  • The Anointing
  • The Blood
  • Kathryn Kuhlman: Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on My Life
  • Going Deeper With The Holy Spirit
  • Miracle Of Healing
  • The Biblical Road to Blessing
  • Prayer That Gets Results
  • He Touched Me: An Autobiography
  • This Is Your Day for a Miracle: Experience Gods Supernatural Healing
  • “Rise and be healed!”
  • Total Recovery; Supernatural Restoration and Release
  • Lord, I Need a Miracle
  • The Gift ( the Miracle of Unexpected Abundance )
  • The Power of the Blood, with Video
  • The Names of God
  • God You’re Looking For
  • Blood in the Sand
  • Power in the Blood
  • Angels: Understanding God’s Messengers
  • Prayer & Fasting, Equip Yourself to Win Spiritual Battles! Benny Hinn
  • Intimacy with God
  • Lamb of God: Yesterday, Today & Forever
  • God’s Promises of Provision
  • Renewal Journal 14: Anointing
  • Renewal Journals 11-15: Discipleship, Harvest, Ministry, Anointing, Wineskins
  • Angeles y Demonios: La Asombrosa Realidad del Mundo Invisible
  • Momentos de Inspiracion con Benny Hinn
  • Viento para Tu Barco/Wind for Your Sail
  • The Greatest Miracle
  • Saints in Combat
  • El Cordero de Dios: Ayer Hoy y Siempre
  • Note Rindas
  • Inner Healing Cassettes
  • Angels and Demons: The Amazing Reality of an Unseen World
  • Angels & Demons
  • The Names & Nature of God
  • Toronto Training for Ministry Conference 2006 Audio Cd Set! Benny Hinn
  • El Camino Bíblico A La Bendición
  • Demonology and Deliverance By Benny Hinn (3 Cd Set)
  • Don’t Give Up! : A Glorious Account Of Faith’s Triumph Over Fear
  • 5 Things That Will Happen Before Jesus Christ Returns

Benny Hinn Ministry

For more information about his ministry visit their official website on

Hinn is an author of a number of best-selling Christian books. Moreover, his 30 minutes TV program; This Is Your Day is among the world’s most-watched Christian programs. This program broadcasts on various Christian television networks, including Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television Network, Revelation TV, Grace TV, Vision TV, INSP Networks, and The God Channel.

Particularly, tens of millions join Benny in his Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades each year. Furthermore, Hinn claims to have reached one billion people through his crusades. This includes memorable crusades with an attendance of 7.3 million people (in three services) in India. This was the largest healing service in recorded history.

Moreover, Evander Holyfield, who was diagnosed with a non-compliant left ventricle, has attributed his healing to Benny Hinn, stating that through Hinn, God healed him as he had “a warm feeling” go through his chest as Hinn touched him.

Definitely, Hinn’s teachings are charismatic, accepting the validity of spiritual gifts, and Word of Faith in origin, with a focus on financial success. Some topics and practices that Hinn teaches are rejected in mainstream Christianity.

Also, the charismatic Christian community (who, according to a 2007 study by The Barna Group, make up 46% of United States Protestants and 36% of United States Catholics),[16] is very diverse. However, Hinn’s ideas are not universally accepted.

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