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Carlton Pearson Biography

Bishop Carlton Pearson aka Carlton D’metrius Pearson is an American Christian minister and singer born on March 19, 1953. He once served as the pastor of the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center Incorporated.

Pearson has been the Senior Minister of Christ Universal Temple, a huge New Thought church in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Bishop Carlton later named Higher Dimensions Family Church which was one of the largest churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the 1990s, it grew to a constant attendance of over 6,000.

Due to Pearson’s belief in universal reconciliation, he gradually began to lose his influence in ministry with the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops. Subsequently, Carlton was declared a heretic by his peers in 2004.

As a native of San Diego California, he spent the first 18 years of his life with his parents and five siblings. Pearson was raised in a traditional fundamentalist Christian home, a 4th generation Pentecostal preacher.​

After attending the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma (where he majored in Biblical Literature/English Bible and minored in Theology/Historical Studies) he worked for 15 years on its Board of Regents and 2 years as an Associate Evangelist of The Oral Roberts Association, (ORA).

​Additionally, in 1977, Pearson established Higher Dimensions Ministries (now New Dimensions ), in Tulsa. The church grew from a traveling evangelistic team in ‘77, to a multi-faceted universal ministry.


The growth included a local church of over 5,000, a home for unwed mothers, one for ex-offenders returning to society, a full service licensed Counseling Center, prison and nursing home outreaches, a national Purity With Purpose Discipleship Program for men and women, with graduates nationally and internationally, a 645-acre horse Ranch for troubled Youth and Teens.

Moreover, Carlton was consecrated to the office of Bishop in 1996 through a College of Bishops headed by Bishop Charles E Blake. Bishop Blake is presently the Presiding Bishop of the Churches of God In Christ, the denomination of his upbringing. He was officially ordained into the ministry in 1971.

Bishop Carlton has served in the College of Bishops of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches. He also worked on the boards of several other charitable and humanitarian organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign of Washington DC, an organization promoting the civil rights of America’s GLBTQ community.

Moreover, has authored a variety of books and booklets. Recently, he has felt a passion to proclaim the “Gospel Of Inclusion” and has written a widely acclaimed book by the title Gospel Of Inclusion published by Simon and Schuster.

The book points to a multi-cultural dialogue and a common respect for all faith disciplines. It probes the Christian church’s exclusivism as being inconsistent, in spirit with the teachings of Jesus, and that it is more important what Jesus said about God than what the church says about Jesus.

Carlton Pearson Age

How old is Carlton Pearson? Bishop Pearson is 70 years old as of 2023. He was born on March 19, 1953, in San Diego, California, United States. However, the clergyman spent the first 18 years of his life in San Diego, California with his parents and five siblings.

In addition, he celebrates his birthday on the 19th of March every year and his zodiac sign is Pisces.

Carlton Pearson Wife

Carlton Pearson and wife
Carlton Pearson and his wife

Bishop Pearson married Gina Marie Gauthier at the age of 40 in September 1993. Gina Mare Gauthier was born on 13 December 1961 in Lake Charles, Los Angeles. Her profession is life coach.

Pearson and his wife Gina have two children; a son, Julian D’Metrius Pearson, and a daughter, Majestè Amour Pearson.

Carlton Pearson Children

Pearson and his wife Gina Marie have two children; a son, Julian D’Metrius Pearson, born on July 9, 1994, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a daughter, Majestè Amour Pearson born on October 29, 1996, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Carlton Pearson Net Worth

Pearson has an estimated net worth of around $16 Million. His income is mainly attributed to his career as a Christian minister.

Carlton Pearson Divorce

On August 25, 2015, Pearson’s wife, Gina Pearson filed for divorce. On May 19, 2016, before the divorce was finalized, she dismissed her petition for divorce.

Carlton Pearson Cancer

In 2005, Bishop Carlton Pearson was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Carlton Pearson Come Sunday

In July 2010 it was made public that director Marc Forster would direct a feature film about Pearson’s life. This would be from a script by Marcus Hinchey based on This American Life’s “Heretics” episode.

Furthermore, in January 2017, it was revealed that Joshua Marston will be directing the project as a Netflix feature, with Chiwetel Ejiofor to play Pearson, Condola Rashad as his wife Gina, and Martin Sheen as Oral Roberts. Come Sunday had its world premiere at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and was released on Netflix on April 13, 2018.

Carlton Pearson Church

He serves for the Fellowship of Affirming Churches and Ministries (TFCAC); and is on the adjunct pastoral staff of All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Pearson has also founded the Metacostal Network of Churches and Ministries winding the gap between his Pentecostal roots in spiritual transcendence and embracing a Metaphysical approach to ministry and progressive spirituality.

Carlton Pearson Musical Career

He is also a gospel vocalist who has won two Stellar Awards and also got a nomination for a Dove Award

Carlton Pearson Songs

  • Old Songs Medley
  • We’ll understand it better by and by
  • I know Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
  • Father, I strech my hands to thee
  • Shine On Me
  • Jesus, I’ll never forget/He’s done so much for me
  • How I Got Over
  • Rain on My Field
  • We Declare Your Glory
  • Mighty God
  • Come into This House
  • I know I’ve been changed
  • Come On and Praise the Lord
  • Praise, Praise, Praise
  • Jesus Be A Fence Around Me
  • I Know the Lord
  • He Lifted Me
  • Take It by Force
  • All the Way
  • Going to heaven to meet the king
  • Precious Memories
  • In the Arms of Jesus
  • Forever You’re My King
  • To Him Who Sits on the Throne
  • Mother Sherman Story
  • Old Songs Medley Highlights
  • This Train
  • Catch On Fire
  • Near The Cross
  • Is Your All on the Altar
  • Praise the Lord With Me
  • Church Medley

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  4. Carlton is a story of a man who chooses a rather narrow path with thorns and thistles.
    It is encouraging that he still forges ahead.

    His story should serve as an encouragement that Christ stated that we are blessed when persecuted for doing righteousness.

  5. It is inspiring to witness a leader of his calibre forfeiting further fame because of his convictions.
    His conviction should provoke Christ-followers to ask why Christ was rejected, despised, persecuted and shamed yet he was preaching for the deliverance of the poor, the healing of all and love for all including the very world that hates him.

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