Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes (J. K. Rowling’s daughter) Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Husband, Job

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes
Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Biography

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes aka Jessica Arantes is an American Instagram model.  She is famous as the daughter of J.k Rowling who has made a name all over the world for being the mastermind of the famous book ‘Harry Potter.’

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Age

Isabel Arantes was born on July 27th, 1993 in Portugal. She is 30 years old as of 2023. Jessica celebrates her birthday on July 27th every year and her birth sign is Leo.

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Family

She is the daughter of J.K. Rowling an author and her father Jorge Arantes is a Journalist. She’s got an aunt whose name is Dianne Rowling. Her name was named after Jessica Mitford, the popular English author. Jessica is also of English nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity (English and Portuguese).

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Siblings

When Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes was only divorced by her parent for five months. Her mum, J.k Rowling, moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, after that. Similarly, Jessica has two half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage, David Gordon Rowling Murray and Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray.

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Job

She’s an Instagram model talking about Jessica’s career. She has shared many beautiful images and videos on Instagram. Moreover, Arantes has her own clothing line ‘Jc.closefit’. She is also an entrepreneur in the apparel industry and runs her own business line. Additionally, via Instagram, she likes to travel and has shared beautiful moments with the public.

Jessica Arantes Net Worth

Arantes, the celebrity daughter, enjoys a large amount of her mother’s net worth about $900 million and donates $100 million in charitable donations. Her mother, J.K Rowling, is actually the highest-paid author and earns an annual income of about $95 million.

Jessica Arantes Boyfriend

Well, we do have details about her life in love. Jessica is reportedly in a relationship with Ronny Dias, her partner. Arantes is in love with Ronny, her boyfriend, as per her Instagram post.

However, through the pair, there is only minimal knowledge available that has not spoken much about their relationship. The couple is really strong, but in the meantime, they have not indicated their intention to get married or engaged.

On her social networking sites, she posted multiple photos with Dais. In addition, the professional life of Jessica’s boyfriend is also a mystery.

Jessica Arantes’ Parents Married Life | Divorce

Jessica’s parents got married the year before she was conceived, on 16 October 1992. Her mum, R.K Rowling, who was an English teacher when she came to Porto, was 25 years old. Her parents first met when Jorge Arantes, her father, was 23 years old. One thing R.K. and Jorge have in common is that both were lovers of books.

J.K Rowling suffered a miscarriage in the world prior to Jessica’s birth. Unfortunately, on 17 November 1993, the couple continued their married life. The explanation for their divorce was that her husband had abused Rowling.

Rowling ran away with her daughter, Jessica Arantes, to Edinburgh at the end of 1993, then to her sister in Scotland. Later, in Scotland, her father arrived, searching for both Jessica and her mother. Against Jorge, Rowling filed a restraining order and returned to Portugal. Finally, in the year 1994, she filed for divorce.

Jessica Arantes’s Mother R.K Remarried to Neil Muarry

After divorcing Jorge Arantes, R.K. Rowling remarried on December 26, 2001, in a private ceremony at her mother’s home, Killiechassie House, to Neil Murray, a Scottish doctor.

On 24 March 2003, J.K Rowling and Neil Muarry welcomed their first child, a baby boy named David Gordon Rowling Murray. The younger daughter of J.K and Jessica’s half-sister, Mackenzie Jean Rowling, was born on January 23, 2005. Her mother and stepfather are living happily together at the moment.

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