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Stella Nyanzi
Stella Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi Biography

Stella Nyanzi is a Ugandan academician, medical anthropologist, feminist, queer rights activist, and scholar of public health, sexuality, and family planning. Nyazi suddenly rose to fame after her 2017 arrest for insulting Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

She has been working with the Makerere University at the Social Research until the time she was expelled from the see.

She gained massive popularity for a very short while, rising from a lecturer at Makerere University to a national figure. Her controversial poem ‘V’gina’ and Facebook posts have brought her to the limelight.

As a result of her controversial life, many have described her in a variety of ways. But do you really know her?
Dr. Nyanzi was brought into the spotlight by political campaigns in 2015 when she used her Facebook page to diminish President Museveni with an exceptional disrespect.

Despite the fact that Ugandans will, in general, be expressive and like to utilize sexual allusion in their discussions, many feel that Nyanzi’s expletive writings have gone too far.

Nyanzi has in excess of 53,000 adherents on Facebook. Her preferred statement, she posts, is by George Carlins: “The individual’s dance’s identity called crazy by the individuals who can’t hear the music”, a statement that most likely characterizes how she carries on with her life.

Most of the individuals who pursue her, appear to be so simply because they want to peruse the protracted and epic posts about her public activity and legislative issues. They have attracted admiration and appall in equivalent measure.

On the off chance that the long-winding condemnations Dr. Nyanzi puts on her Facebook page are anything to pass by, you would think she is a rowdy, noisy engine mouth. You would not be right.

Stella Nyanzi Age

How old is Stella Nyanzi? Nyanzi is 49 years old as of June 2023. She was born on June 16, 1974, in Masaka District, Uganda. In addition, she celebrates her birthday on June 16th every year and her birth sign is Gemini.

Stella Nyanzi Education

Stella Nyanzi attended Makerere University from 1993 to 1996 where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Literature. While at Makerere University, Stella Nyanzi was considered with the eminent Journalist Andrew Mwenda and the two have on numerous occasions professed to have been exceptional than the others in the class.

Dr. Stella Nynzi
Dr. Stella Nynzi

Stella went to University College London a constituent school of the Federal University of London from 1999-2000, where she got her Masters in Science, Medical Anthropology.
Between 2003-2008 the Lecture was working on a Ph.D. in Social anthropologist, Sexualities, Youth and Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She went to the Gambia in 2005, where she completed her scholastic research about the sexualities of young people.

Stella Nyanzi Marriage | Husband

Stella married a Gambian Man who she met in London, United Kingdom. She later went with him to the Gambia where she filled in as a Local Anthropologist in 2002-2003. While a Ph.D. course scholar, she did her research in the Gambia where she was close by her boyfriend. She was able to give birth to her first girl Baraka in late 2004 and months later moved to London with her husband.

While in London with her husband, she found that she was to be the mother of twins. She was pregnant once more. In her pregnancy, Stella was exhorted by her husband Ousman to return home to Uganda as he was to join them later. She left for Uganda. However, the spouse took long before joining her. Stella Nyanzi continued calling him asking why he isn’t coming lastly the man figured out how to open up to her and disclose her reality.


The spouse revealed to her that he was not going to return to Africa since his nation Gambia, under Yahya Jammeh had instituted a law to slaughter all gays in the Gambia. Him being gay, a reality that Stella Nyanzi never knew, he was not to come back to Africa yet rather look for a haven in the United Kingdom. That was the last instance for the two. She at long last brought up sound young men who are right now over 10 years and have never seen their father.

Stella Nyanzi from that point forward has had no openly known relationship, with the exception of the police officer whom she was dating in 2014 as she cited her little girl asking her for what valid reason she is dating a Policeman yet police officers are the ones rejecting Lukwago [Erias] an opportunity to go to his Office.

Stella Nyanzi Career, Politics and Arrests

Nyazi was among the Makerere academia who protested the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2013. She has been a supportive member of the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community in Uganda. She was invited as a guest speaker on the LGBT Vigil as they were condoling with the Gays who were killed in the Orlando Shooting in the United States of America in June 2016.

On April 1, 2017, Stella came up and said that she is not a Lesbian and she has never even wished to be one. In addition, she stated that she believes in freedom for everyone and believes that gays and lesbians should be given rights. She even denied any contact with the gays who some were alleging were the ones sponsoring her activities to promote homosexuality in Ugandan schools.


On March 6, Nyanzi Launched the Pads4girsUg Project. Through this, she managed to collect thousands of re-usable pads and distributed them to school girls, and also offered lectures to school children about menstrual health.

Nyanzi played a big role in the opposition in the 2016 Uganda General Elections. She launched her vulgar campaign against the incumbent government. She was part of the FDC Tuesday Prayers, was part of the May 5 FDC Procession where she was arrested but later released. As part of the Free Besigye campaign, she was seen holding posters alongside Makerere University Students who were protesting Besigye’s arrest.

However, she refused to join the FDC Boycott campaign saying it was ill-planned and that she cannot stop contact with her friends and relatives who support NRM and also get services and buy goods from firms owned by NRM-leaning businessmen.

Stella Nyanzi Net Worth

Nyanzi has an estimated net worth of between $1 million – $5 million as of 2021. Her income is mainly attributed to her successful career as an academician.

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