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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Biography

Tom Cruise is a renowned American actor and film producer who is best known for his feature as a secret agent, Ethan Hunt in the ‘Mission: Impossible series. He is considered to be among the best-paid actors in the world and also one of the biggest movie stars in the United States.

In this connection, he has received several awards for his work; three Golden Globe Awards, and nominations for three Academy Awards. He was born in Syracuse, New York, United States to an abusive father, Thomas Mapother III, and was brought up in poverty. In such an environment, there was nothing that could suggest that one day he would be one of the most iconic actors in the world.

Surprisingly, at a young age, the star dreamt of becoming a priest, not even an actor. However, he found his destiny bright while in high school when he was featured in the film ‘Endless Love’ when he was just 19 years of age in 1981. It was then that he realized that acting was his passion and decided to pursue it as a career.

He then continued featured in films, just supporting roles in Taps (1981) and The Outsiders (1983), his first major role was in the Romantic film, ‘Risky Business’ released in August 1983. His stardom was cemented when he starred in Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun (1986), a movie that became the highest-earning film of that year.


Due to his good looks and versatility, it did not take him long before taking over Hollywood. He soon became a star to always keep track. His films have so far boomed to over $4 billion in North America and over $10.1 billion worldwide.

Since 1996 when Tom Shot to stardom with the Mission: Impossible film series, he has starred in many amazing movies including; The Color of Money (1986), Cocktail (1988), Rain Man (1988), Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Far and Away(1992), A Few Good Men (1992), The Firm (1993), Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), Jerry Maguire (1996), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Magnolia (1999), Vanilla Sky (2001), Minority Report (2002), The Last Samurai (2003), Collateral (2004), War of the Worlds (2005), Lions for Lambs (2007), Valkyrie (2008), Knight and Day (2010), Jack Reacher (2012), Oblivion (2013), and Edge of Tomorrow (2014).

Tom Cruise Age

How old is Tom Cruise? Cruise is 61 years old as of July 2023. He was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York, the United States of America. His Horoscope sign is Cancer. In addition, Tom celebrates his birthday on July 3rd every year.

Tom Cruise Family

Tom was born to Thomas Cruise Mapother III (Electrical Engineer) and Mary Lee Pfeiffer (Special Education Teacher). He has three siblings; Lee Anne Mapother (Older Sister), Marian Mapother (Sister), and Cass Mapother (Sister). His paternal Great-Great-Great-Grandfather is Patrick Russell Cruise. He is of mixed ancestry(English, German, Welsh, and Irish).

Tom Cruise Height | Weight

Height: 5 ft 7 inches / 1.70 meters

Weight: 67 kg / 148 pounds

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Wife | Married

Cruise is divorced. However, he hаѕ bееn in marriage thrее tіmеѕ. At first, Сruіѕе married an Аmеrісаn асtrеѕѕ, Міmі Rоgеrѕ іn 1987 аnd dіvоrсеd іn 1990. In 1990, Сruіѕе mаrrіеd yet another асtrеѕѕ Nісоlе Кіdmаn аnd аdорtеd twо сhіldrеn nаmеd Іѕаbеllа Јаnе аnd Соnnоr Аntоnу. Сruіѕе аnd Nісоlе later dіvоrсеd іn 2001. In 2006, the most recent relationship, Сruіѕе mаrrіеd аnоthеr асtrеѕѕ Каtіе Ноlmеѕ аnd later dіvоrсеd іn 2012. Frоm his mаrrіаgе with Katie, Сruіѕе hаѕ а bіоlоgісаl dаughtеr nаmеd Ѕurі.

Tom Cruise Children | Kids

Cruise has three children; Ѕurі Cruise, his biological daughter born on April 18, 2006, and two adopted kids; a daughter named “Isabella Cruise” and a son named “Connor Cruise”.

Tom Cruise Religion

He Split from the Church of Scientology to begin his own religion, The Church of Cruiseology. Cruiseology was “Born on the Fourth of July,” 2017. He stated that he got inspired after Nicole Kidman visited him in a dream. The ancient starlet told Cruise that, in the future, all religions had been proven wrong, except for the one he would initiate.

Tom Cruise Quotes

  • In this life, it’s not what you hope for, it’s not what you deserve – it’s what you take!
  • It’s well known I’m a Scientologist, and that has helped me to find that inner peace in my life and it’s something that has given me great stability and tools that I use.
  • When you have to cope with a lot of problems, you’re either going to sink or you’re going to swim.
  • No dream is ever just a dream.
  • Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’.
  • But my friends are happy for me. The people who know me are happy. My mom is happy. My family is happy.
  • Nothing ends nicely, that’s why it ends.
  • Individuals have to decide what is true and real for them.
  • Perception and reality are two different things.
  • I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person, and when I become interested in something, I give it my all.

Tom Cruise Movies

  • 1981:Endless Love
  • 1981: Taps
  • 1983: The Outsiders
  • : Losin’ It
  • 1983: Risky Business
  • 1983: All the Right Moves
  • 1985: Legend
  • 1986: Top Gun
  • 1986: The Color of Money
  • 1987: Cocktail
  • 1988: Rain Man
  • 1989: Born on the Fourth of July
  • 1990: Days of Thunder
  • 1991: Far and Away
  • 1992: A Few Good Men
  • 1993: The Firm
  • 1994: Interview with the Vampire
  • 1996: Mission: Impossible
  • 1996: Jerry Maguire
  • 1998: Without Limits
  • 1999: Eyes Wide Shut
  • 1999: Magnolia
  • 2000: Mission: Impossible 2
  • 2000: Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
  • 2001: The Others
  • 2001: Vanilla Sky
  • 2002: Space Station 3D
  • : Minority Report
  • 2002: Austin Powers in Goldmember
  • Narc
  • 2003: Shattered Glass
  • 2003: The Last Samurai
  • 2004: Collateral
  • 2005: War of the Worlds
  • 2005: Elizabethtown
  • 2006: Ask the Dust
  • 2006: Mission: Impossible III
  • 2007: Lions for Lambs
  • 2008: 2008: Tropic Thunder
  • 2008: Valkyrie
  • 2010: Knight and Day
  • 2011: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  • 2012: Rock of Ages
  • 2012: Jack Reacher
  • 2013: Oblivion
  • 2014: Edge of Tomorrow
  • 2015: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
  • 2016: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
  • 2017: The Mummy
  • 2017: American Made

Tom Cruise’s Net Worth

Cruise has an estimated net worth of $600 million. In 2017, Mr. Cruise was listed among the top ten highest-earning actors in Hollywood following the success of his work which sourced over US$ 13 billion worldwide. He takes home around US$ 50 million per year.

The charming filmmaker drives a Bugatti Veyron and a Porsche 911. He also owns a couple of private jets – a US$35 million Gulfstream-IV SP aircraft and Aviat-Pitts S-2B (P-51 Mustang Fighter).

Tom Cruise Car
Tom Cruise Car

The movie Superstar purchased a 10,000 sq-feet mansion in Beverly Hills, California for $35 million. This expensive mansion sits on 1.3 acres of land and is equipped with several features including seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a tennis court, and a pool.

Tom also owns a mansion in Telluride, Colorado which he purchased in 2006 for $30 million and another $3 million condo apartment in New York.

Tom Cruise Scientology

Cruise got involved with Scientology in 1990 through his first wife Mimi Rogers.  He then started promoting various programs that introduced people to Scientology and campaigned for Scientology to be recognized as a religion in Europe. In 2005, the Paris city council unraveled that Cruise had lobbied officials, Nicolas Sarkozy and Jean-Claude Gaudin, who described him as a spokesman and militant for Scientology and blocked any further dealings with him.

Tom Cruise Risky Business

This is an American romantic comedy film produced in 1983 that covers themes including materialism, loss of innocence, coming of age, and capitalism. It’s written and directed by Paul Brickman.

Tom Cruise Day

Due to his love, time, and devotion to Japan, the country named October 10 after him in 2006, declaring it “Tom Cruise Day” in Japan. The Japan Memorial Day Association said that he was awarded a special day because he has made more visits to Japan than any other Hollywood star.

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